Nightlight, Miya Ando & Marc Egger exhibition opening September 5, 2014 7-9 Fresh Window Gallery. 55 Bogart, Lower Level, Brooklyn NY.

Pictured: ‘Obon’ Miya Ando

Miya Ando
美夜 安籐

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No problem! It was on my mind just the other day as well :P

my folks say cass-tle and i say car-sle. this language we share is odd

Do you say wash or warsh? In Texas and parts of the south in the US warsh is pretty commonly heard.




" but the 3ds is so recent!!! D: "


i’m all for it. ninty’s in this hard place where it has to keep pace with the mobile games on iOS/Android to survive, and if we lose the big N we lose a lot of innovation

Nintendo needs to just make mobile games and release the best accessories for turning your device into a controller. I want maybe three franchises that are Nintendo exclusive, Mario Kart, Pokemon, and Zelda. I can’t justify two $250 machines sitting around to play three games on.